As part of its plan to undertake the development of the offshore B4 and B6 natural gas fields, Baltic Gas has already completed the Concept Select Phase and is well advanced with the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Phase. The project is progressing towards a Final Investment Decision (FID), which has been delayed due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic contraction

The Baltic Gas proposed offshore development concept is expected to involve:

  • Installation of a minimum facilities and “not normally manned” wellhead platform each at the B4 and B6 fields. The B4 and B6 gas fields are located approximately 90 km and 75 km respectively off the northern coast of Poland and are to the west of the existing operational B3 and B8 fields.
  • Drilling of the production wells through the B4 and B6 wellhead platforms.
  • Installation of DN150 subsea pipeline from B4 wellhead platform to B6 wellhead platform.
  • Installation of DN250 subsea pipeline from B6 wellhead platform to the shore, including an approximately 1km long shore-crossing installed using the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technique. The shore-crossing will terminate inside the Energobaltic’s existing Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHPP) on the Wladyslawowo coast.

The proposed project will bring significant benefits to Poland in terms of:

  • Strategic security of energy supplies;
  • Lower dependence on imported fuel;
  • Economic benefits to local business;
  • Employment benefits for local communities; and most importantly
  • Environment protection, through the reduction in emissions to the atmosphere associated with conventional power and energy sources.